A thousand-year history engraved between the green hills and the intense blue of the sea.

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Ancona is a beautiful city of art whose thousand-year history has given it a rich artistic and cultural heritage. The surroundings are rich in beauties to be discovered, from the splendid crystal clear beaches of Riviera del Conero to the masterpieces of Loreto and Recanati.
Ancona - Location in historical films!
Many film directors choose Ancona as their favourite location to shot their films.For example, we can mention the followings:- Ossessione (1943) directed by...
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Grand Hotel Passetto near Airport of Marche Region: Ancona - Falconara "Raffaello Sanzio"
The airport of Ancona - Falconara, also referred to by the trade name of airport of Marche Region  "Raffaello...
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Palarossini and Ancona Conero Stadium
Only 8 km South from the city center, you'll find Palarossini Palasport and Conero Stadium: Grand Hotel Passetto can advise you regarding...
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The Lazzaretto - Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona in Marche Region
'The Lazzaretto (Laemocomium or "Mole Vanvitelliana"), planned by architect Luigi Vanvitelli in...
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Cardeto Park
'High up above the sea there is Cardeto Park, a large area of about 35 hectares close to the centre of the city; it is the largest Ancona urban...
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Santa Maria Church in Portonovo (AN)
Santa Maria Church in Portonovo (AN) is an amazing example of romanic architecture, well integrated in Monte Conero Park, perched on...
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Loreto, Land of Faith
Loreto, a small town of Ancona Province in Marche Region, is known all over the world for its Sanctuary that makes it one of the most important places of...
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The monument dedicated to the fallen of World War I
At the end of Viale della Vittoria, there is the Passetto area dominated by the monument dedicated to the fallen of...
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The Regional Natural Conero Park
The Regional Natural Conero Park is a stage of rare beauty. It includes a stretch of high cost in addition to a wide range of hills, characterized by...
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The Caves of Camerano, the underground town
In the underground of the old town center you discover a labyrinth full of decorations as religious symbols and...
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Osimo Caves in Marche Region
This tangle of tunnels, known as the Caves of Osimo, forms an underground city that links the most important buildings of the town. Their function is still a...
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The Frasassi Caves in Marche Region
Inside the Natural Park of Gola Rossa, in Genga, the Frasassi Caves are a unique and unforgettable sight. Small lakes take turns with huge stalactites and...
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